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“We all are equal and imperfect, although each one wonderfully different”


Born and raised in Milan, since her adolescence she has always been attracted by street life and all its aspects. The “ménage à troi” with street art and writing starts right there.

At the age of 16, her father Sergio gifts her with a Photo Camera: it is a Minolta 35mm analogic and her first print was of one of her own graffiti. She completed her studies in an Art School in Milan, meanwhile she was printing her photo works in a domestic small dark room.

At the age of 20 she flies to London, where she spends the following two years, absorbing the artsy influences of everything around. Daytime spent as student at the Highbury and Islington College, and after midnight living the londonese crazy night life.

Always attracted by everything different and original, fashinated by eccesses, she lives London like heaven, the best judgement-free-melting-pot.

Back in Milan in 2003, she graduates in photography at IED institute and begins to work with prestigious magazines, still keeping alive her interest for streetlife subjects, like motorbikes and sports.

Chiara’s main interest remains to grab with her camera stories of common and real people, to emphatize with them to extract the essence of their real living, nothing made up, rather authentic and dramatic. Wild and free spirit, often rebel, she loves black&white and natural daylight photos.

Carried on from this spirit and passions, she travels intensively to both London and New York, researching less glamorous aspects, like her experience at the Gleason’s Gym, shooting ring stories, with marked face features and callous nockles.

She rides her inseparable Harley Davison 883 everywhere, work included, carrying meticolously her photo equipment, at the point to get her nickname “the biker girl photographer”